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Flip Up 3.0X dental loupes surgical loupes titanium Frames with light H60

Item No.: f-ti-3.0x-h60
best quality dental loupes surgical loupes 3.0X with Titanium frames with light
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Flip Up dental loupes surgical loupes 3.0 xtitanium frames with LED dental headlight surgical headlight H60. Order together will save money 
Careoptical binocualrs magnifying loupes are widely used in dentistry, Department of Stomatology, ENT, general surgery, cervical spine Department of Neurosurgery, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cosmetology and plastic surgery, pet hospital and other medical fields. surgical binocualrs loupe is a necessary tool for the fine examination and treatment,that will be more better and helpful  with LED headlamp




Portable headlight H60 : Smallest size, lightest weight, brightest illumination, longest operating time. Easy Light Vario has reformed all the LED portable headlights in the world. Easy Light Vario uses a professional patented optic lens and thermal management technology that produces amazing brightness and provides superior quality and reliability. Easy Light Vario offers exceptional innovation, style and value in magnification and illumination. Easy Light Vario offers modular solutions for optics, frames and portable LEDs to satisfy the needs in the dental and med
H60 Description same as http://www.optical-world.com/portable-led-headlight-h60-p-58.html
Flip Up Loupes  description same as :  http://www.optical-world.com/optical-loupes-flip-up-galilean-loupes_c3  
when you order this products. please note that, includs the LED headlight H60 and Flip Up Loupes .
Note: Sports frames loupes can be mounted prescription lens,If you need mount Prescription lens (Rx Lens). please choose "If you need Prescription lens" and fill the data. ony add USD50.00, The lens is N=1.56 hard coating and Ar coating single vision lens
 Packing includes (accessory)
- Surgical loupes 
- Luxury  Al suitcase for packing loupes and light
- Flip-Up handle 
- HeadBand strap
- Micro-fiber Cloth 
- Screwdriver 
- Clear protective lens cover 
- Easy Light LED Headlight 
- Battery Pack 
- Battery Adapter with wall plug 
- Accessory Kit 
- User manual

   suitcae for packing loupes with light


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